Flat Bay provides LOCAL, AUTHENTIC, SOPHISTICATED AND ENGAGING itineraries so that our guests will have meaningful and memorable experiences.

The invitation Piskwa’ begins with the land we inhabit. Your itinerary with us is designed with a closeness and care for the land in mind. You will be treated to various forms of a walk in our shoes during your stay.

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Big Pond Park
Relax in the family picnic area and enjoy the day park built for the community. Amenities include parking, medicine trail, benches, picnic tables, playground, washrooms and an events venue.
Reconnect with the land in the forest and experience the majestic scenery that Flat Bay can offer; all designed around an Indigenous-theme.
Heritage Interpretation
Rich layers of unique Mi’kmaw history are interpreted throughout the communities venues and via our trained tourism interpretation guides.
Shoot endless panoramas of the community, St. George’s Bay and the Long Range Mountains.  Every season has something to offer with the vibrant colors fall, the stillness of winter, the early morning mists of spring and the extended evenings of summer.
Rainbow, Brook and Brown Trout are the most common variations found in the waterways of Flat Bay and many residents continue to participate in this activity to lend a helping hand at mealtime. Fishing for trout is just as much a sustenance activity as it is a sport for residents.

Ice Fishing

Any traveler to Flat Bay during the winter months will be greeted by numerous vehicles littered near access roads to Flat Bay Bottom, especially the area below Perrier’s Convenience, as the fishing for a feed of Smelt through the ice has become an expedition for many people in the region.

Culinary Experiences
From French-inspired homemade bread to locally sourced fried eel the community has very strong menu options that can be developed into a variety of culinary experiences. Travelers can be treated to catching and preparing their own meal or get their hand’s dirty mixing dough with a resident.
Walking & Hiking
Flat Bay is blessed with beautiful vistas and an abundance of trails for Walking/Hiking trips. Walks can be self-guided through signage or have a local guide lead a group on an interpretive journey through one of the trails. 
The Annual Bay St. George Mi’kmaq Powwow is administered by the Bay St. George Mi’kmaq Cultural Revival Committee (est. 2005) with the community of Flat Bay as co-host.
The community of Flat Bay has a long history and many great community assets that can be utilized to facilitate storytelling circles. Come sit with our Elders and experience the rich history, drama, and humor that we have to offer.

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